How I did get here
As most service designers I come from a non-linear background. Before design, I worked many years as a trained computer engineer and strategy consultant. I was typically surrounded by business and designers, strategy specialists, change managers - while doing my user-centred research and design craft.
Having engaged with a range of reputable brands across many sectors and geographies, I eventually embraced service design some 10 years ago. And never looked back!
I bring a natural talent for strategy and a particular passion for learning how things work (or don't) and speculating how they could work to better enable humans and businesses. I look to inspire product decisions and shape everyday services that genuinely work for everyone.
I love experimenting with concepts, facilitating the engagement of non-designers in the design thinking process, and pushing the boundaries from ideas to engineering solutions that come alive and thrive.
where i am heading next
Having led human-centred design for many years now, I believe it is time to push the bars up. Our climate emergency situation asks for a more considerate and sustainable way of doing things and equitable outcomes that go way beyond what works for humans. I am looking to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of energy and helping to write the next successful chapter of our story.
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